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We've Got This - 1 Copy

We've Got This - 1 Copy

Many of us feel constant pressure to mask and curate who we are—to perform as someone we’re not rather than be who we are—to have the doors of acceptance open. And it hurts us.
But we don’t have to live this way.


Ritu knows firsthand that the path to belonging can be both beautiful and hard. As a child of working-class immigrants of color, in her youth she experienced relentless struggles with racist bullying and cultural confusion. Even as a successful lawyer and then business leader, Ritu grappled with knowing, embracing, and being her authentic self—until she realized the freedom that comes with claiming belonging, which she passionately shares in her new book. 


Combining empathy, humor, and research with life-changing wisdom and savvy, We’ve Got This is the empowerment book for finding belonging and joy that readers from across backgrounds have been waiting for.



Chapter 1: Unlocking Belonging

Chapter 2: Our Stories Began Long Ago
Chapter 3: Becoming Ugly
Chapter 4: Learning That Life Is a Stage
Chapter 5: Our Bodies Hurt
Chapter 6: Taking Off the Adult Mask and Armor

Chapter 7: A New Paradigm for Healing
Chapter 8: The Magic and Power of Core Wisdom
Chapter 9: We Heal for Ourselves and for Others

Chapter 10: Belonging and Authenticity Go Hand in Hand
Chapter 11: Let Others Be Mean While You Stand in Your Power
Chapter 12: Claiming Your Belonging
Chapter 13: There’s Nothing Wrong with You and There Never Was

    Expected to ship June 2023
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