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In We’ve Got This, Ritu Bhasin teaches you how to embrace your uniqueness, unlock your power, and create an unshakable sense of belonging. This important book will help you tap into the courage and confidence to be your best self.

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New York Times bestselling author and host of The Mel Robbins Podcast


Experiencing belonging in the workplace is essential.


To create an organizational culture that is rooted in authenticity, psychological safety, trust, engagement, and innovation, all team members must feel accepted and honored for who they are.


And this is what belonging in the workplace is all about.


The most important relationship you’ll ever cultivate is the one you have with yourself.


It’s not until you feel seen, accepted, and loved by yourself that you’ll enjoy deep and meaningful connection with others.


Simply put, you won’t experience belonging until you first honor your authentic self.



the profound feeling of being accepted and honored for who you are, especially for what makes you different, by your own self and by the people you choose to be bonded with.

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the path to


With We’ve Got This, award-winning and globally-recognized DEI and empowerment expert Ritu Bhasin gives you a much-needed guidebook on how to heal, thrive, and stand in your power in the face of hate and hardships. She reveals how to unlock belonging so that you can live your best—personally and professionally.



Many of us feel constant pressure to mask and curate who we are—to perform as someone we’re not rather than be who we are—to have the doors of acceptance open. And it hurts us.
But we don’t have to live this way.


Ritu knows firsthand that the path to belonging can be both beautiful and hard. As a child of working-class immigrants of color, in her youth she experienced relentless struggles with racist bullying and cultural confusion. Even as a successful lawyer and then business leader, Ritu grappled with knowing, embracing, and being her authentic self—until she realized the freedom that comes with claiming belonging, which she passionately shares in her new book. 


Combining empathy, humor, and research with life-changing wisdom and savvy, We’ve Got This is the empowerment book for finding belonging and joy that readers from across backgrounds have been waiting for.


Chapter 1: Unlocking Belonging

Chapter 2: Our Stories Began Long Ago
Chapter 3: Becoming Ugly
Chapter 4: Learning That Life Is a Stage
Chapter 5: Our Bodies Hurt
Chapter 6: Taking Off the Adult Mask and Armor

Chapter 7: A New Paradigm for Healing
Chapter 8: The Magic and Power of Core Wisdom
Chapter 9: We Heal for Ourselves and for Others

Chapter 10: Belonging and Authenticity Go Hand in Hand
Chapter 11: Let Others Be Mean While You Stand in Your Power
Chapter 12: Claiming Your Belonging
Chapter 13: There’s Nothing Wrong with You and There Never Was

the path to

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To heal from the hurtful and hateful experiences that come your way, you’ll want to draw on the power of core wisdom. It’ll help you release the pain you’ve been holding, embrace who you are, and feel more settled—all of which unlocks belonging.


To claim your belonging, you’ll want to focus on tapping into your authenticity, standing in your personal power, and using your voice. This is what will lead you to live your best life, one that’s rooted in beautiful belonging.


To experience the beauty of belonging, first you’ll want to reflect on your life’s journey: What happened to you as a child? How does this impact how you’re showing up now as an adult? What caused you to feel unlovable and like you don’t belong?



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A note for Canadian readers: we invite you to pre-order We’ve Got This at Indigo, Amazon, or at your local bookstore.


a personal note

One of the most important life lessons I’ve now learned is that, for many of us, the path to belonging is both beautiful and hard. But once we’ve felt the beauty of belonging, we know how important it is for a meaningful life. 


This is why I wrote We’ve Got This


For anyone who’s felt othered, but who now wants to rise and thrive, I share what I’ve learned about healing and finding belonging. I want you to be your best, healthiest, and most anchored self and radiate your light in all you do. I want you to step into your power in every moment so that you feel empowered to your core. This is my hope for you, and I know you’ve got this.


And because our community continues to grow, together we’ve got this!

from Ritu

Meet the Author

Ritu is an award-winning speaker, author, and expert in belonging, equity, leadership, and empowerment, and is the CEO of bhasin consulting inc., a renowned DEI consulting firm. 


A passionate advocate for authenticity, Ritu has presented to hundreds of thousands globally and coached over a thousand professionals. She’s living proof of what can happen when you stand in your power while fighting the hate and hardships in your way.


But Ritu didn’t always feel empowered to be an unapologetic, fiercely authentic person. Born in Toronto, Canada, to Sikh Punjabi immigrant parents, Ritu experienced the constant sting of racist bullying growing up, while also struggling with cultural tension about her identities. She carried her childhood trauma into adulthood, where she felt constant pressure to mask her authentic self across most of her relationships and in her work life, first as a lawyer and then as an HR leader at a global law firm.


While trying to convince herself that she was living the “dream,” Ritu had a startling realization: she was minimizing her authenticity to “fit in” among circles where she felt she didn’t belong. And she was profoundly unhappy.


Looking to transform her life through the power of healing, Ritu left her corporate job, launched her consulting firm, became a yoga teacher, studied trauma and wellness healing practices, wrote the bestselling book The Authenticity Principle, and committed her life to claiming belonging for herself and others.


She wants everyone to experience the magic that comes with living their truth.

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RECEIVE BONUS resources when you pre-order

Limited Time Offer Until May 15th, 2023 | S&H Included

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Empower Page - Know When to be Authentic or Adaptive_Page_1.jpg
Empower Page - Conquer Difficult Moments Through Scripting_Page_1.jpg
Empower Page - Connect with Your Core Attributes_Page_1.jpg
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