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What Is the Adapted Self?

Being authentic can be really hard at times.

As a fierce advocate for authenticity, I frequently talk about the importance of being your Authentic Self as much as possible. But trust me — I know it’s easier said than done!

Through my work and research on authenticity (and life experience), I can tell you that no one can be their Authentic Self 100% of the time. Especially given that we live in communities as human beings. And depending on the specific circumstances, it may not even be in your best interest to be your Authentic Self in certain moments.

For example, maybe you know that it would be better for you to speak in a more animated way while presenting at a work meeting instead of your preferred way of being more soft-spoken. Or maybe you need to pass along difficult feedback to a loved one and you know it’ll be better for you to tone down the language you actually want to use.

This is where your Adapted Self comes in. The Adapted Self is a powerful part of my Three Selves Framework that enables you to behave in a way that serves your needs, as well as the needs of others, while still maintaining aspects of your authenticity. In this video, I dig into what the Adapted Self is and why it’s such an important self for you to understand deeply. Learning about your Adapted Self will help you to increasingly stand in your power and commit to living an authentic life.

Watch now to learn why!


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